Saturday, November 1, 2014


Rain and WIND! luckily, I had just installed my front door. But the rest of the house needed a raincoat and fast!
So my Daughter and her Husband came over and in about 2 hours, we had the roof tarped and then I spent another couple of hours covering the sides, porch and ramp.
Then if was off to their house to babysit while they went to a midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Show" for their anniversary.
While I was there, I listened to the winds scream across our flat desert landscape. Then it started raining. About 2:30 I was headed for home, dreading what I might find.

It was just as I had feared, the whole roof was exposed! The tarp had blown completely off the roof! Pulled out of all of its tiedowns.

I grabbed a flashlight and went out in the rain to access the problems. There was no way to fix the tarp. The roof was already wet. Tarping it now, even if it was possible, would just hold the wetness in the wood. So I went inside.

The good news was it looked mostly OK!
Small leaks around each skylight (Because they don't have their flashing yet, that goes on with the roofing) So it was time to grab bowls and settle in.
My bed for the night

This was NOT how I had imagined my first night in my Tiny House! But I slept well, even listening to the wind and rain lash the house for hours.
Here is what I found in the morning light.

My tiny house weathered the storm!
Now I just need to wait for the roof to dry out and get those shingles and flashing on!!! But for now, it works:)
I have company coming for the next week so it should have lots of time to dry out.

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