Saturday, October 18, 2014

Progress and frustration.

Getting something done today at least! The first bits of Drip edge are up:)
However, it comes in really long pieces! So I discovered it is really hard to hold it in place and use the roofing nailer at the same time. I finally figured out to use some small nails, just barely in at the other end to rest that end on, while I nail in my end. It also requires a lot of going up and down large ladders. 
I am discovering that I have a limited amount of times I can go up and down in a day.

The roofing nailer and compressor are wonderful tools. But the nailer is heavy, and I have tiny little hands (xs gloves are still too large, I wear "Youth" sized gloves when I can find them) So using it is a bit tough for me.
Between those and the drill I have been using to drive the screws for all the fascia boards, My wrist is taking a bit of a beating. So I got an Ace wrap for while I'm working and a brace to give it some support while I'm not.

You can sort of tell how tiny my fingers are:)
So, I wish there were other "Tiny Housers" nearby who want to get some hands on experience, or share some expertise. Until I find someone like that, I will just keep plugging along on my own, doing as much as I can and that's all I can do. Frustrating as that may be at times:) 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The best laid plans..

Well, things do come up. So instead of doing my roof this weekend, I have been installing fascia boards( about 1/2 done) putting the house on sturdier mounts...
Which are all different since the ground it sits on isn't quite level. But it takes the load off of the scissor jacks. I also covered the wheels to protect them from the UV rays at 4,000 ft!
Got the door primed, and babysat my youngest granddaughter, so being up on the roof or a high ladder was out of the question today. But I'm not in that big a rush. Tomorrow is a new day, full of possibilities!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


So, I finally got my shingles, bought from the Apple Valley Home Depot (Thanks Pro Desk!) delivered direct from the manufacturer! 
They are the made to reflect sunlight,             Timberline COOL series 
They are an ENERGY STAR qualified roofing, and are said to save 7 to 15% in cooling costs depending on where you live and the season.
You might also be able to get tax credits or rebates. It's worth looking into. Also rated for 130 mph winds!
I was given (I love free stuff!) a bunch of insulation. I think it's probably enough to do the entire house, but if not, the guy has more!

So now it's off to Harbor Freight to get a tarp (I have a coupon:)
so that it stays good until I'm ready for it!
This weekend is to be devoted to the roof.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Swamp Cooler is done!

While I was waiting for my shingles to be delivered, I decided to finish the swamp Cooler (Evaporative Cooler) that a friend made and brought to me at Burning Man this year.
Made from a 5 gallon bucket, a fountain pump, plastic tubing, wire fencing, a muffin fan, swamp cooler pad and dryer tubing. Also used an inverter to change AC power to 12 volt DC. (Could be run off of a cigarette lighter in a car or truck as well)
 All I had to do was add the pad. The only thing I still need to add for use with my tiny house, is a small float valve. That way  I can attach a water supply line so it never runs out of water (That would burn out the pump)

It works great!!! Thanks Stuart!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

a Space for Building.

I want to be able to work on things for my house, you know, like sawing, sanding, all those things you don't want to do in the house, but you don't really want to do them out in the sun when it's 95 degrees+, or 20 degrees in the wind. So.....I'm converting my Carport to a little workshop.
Got the front done, Then the side..
Still working on the back.
Lots of work still to do "inside", but had to take a break to help my Daughter and her Hubby take apart her old outdoor playground and use "Big Bertha" to haul it over to their house for their kids!
My break will last a day longer, since tomorrow I have to drive 100 miles to take my Mom to a physical Therapy appointment, and do Labs.  But my roofing arrives Wednesday!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finding Reclaimed Stuff..a Tiny Treasure Hunt!

Time to take a trip down to San Bernardino to search for some reclaimed materials.
The ReUse People of America warehouse  Just opened in August with building materials salvaged from old construction being torn down and new materials being donated. Found my new Front Door.

And an awesome, weird little sink!
Small, Square but deep with really interesting faucet (only one hole)
And a tall spigot so large things can be filled. It is Black porcelain, which I love, and at $15.00 a real bargain!
Another great place I found was  
Highland Ave. Lumber and Hardware at 
     1680 W Highland Ave,
San Bernardino.
Unlike any hardware store you have ever seen, it is full of reclaimed doors, windows, interspersed with new Jambs and supplies. 
I found the door jamb I needed and a great resource for future searches!