Saturday, October 18, 2014

Progress and frustration.

Getting something done today at least! The first bits of Drip edge are up:)
However, it comes in really long pieces! So I discovered it is really hard to hold it in place and use the roofing nailer at the same time. I finally figured out to use some small nails, just barely in at the other end to rest that end on, while I nail in my end. It also requires a lot of going up and down large ladders. 
I am discovering that I have a limited amount of times I can go up and down in a day.

The roofing nailer and compressor are wonderful tools. But the nailer is heavy, and I have tiny little hands (xs gloves are still too large, I wear "Youth" sized gloves when I can find them) So using it is a bit tough for me.
Between those and the drill I have been using to drive the screws for all the fascia boards, My wrist is taking a bit of a beating. So I got an Ace wrap for while I'm working and a brace to give it some support while I'm not.

You can sort of tell how tiny my fingers are:)
So, I wish there were other "Tiny Housers" nearby who want to get some hands on experience, or share some expertise. Until I find someone like that, I will just keep plugging along on my own, doing as much as I can and that's all I can do. Frustrating as that may be at times:) 


  1. Hi Rinda,
    Somehow I accidentally deleted your comment. Please do contact me!

  2. Where do you live? we would love to help....

    1. I am in Hesperia, CA just off the 15 fwy, near where it intersects ca 395.
      Feel free to call me at (760)244-0737