Friday, May 6, 2016

Earth Day!

Earth Day at Balboa Park with the San Diego Tiny House Enthusiasts group.
What fun! Eddy brought his house and there was a line from before the event opened (other vendors) until they made us shut the door at 5 pm.
Across from us was the Dr. Bronner's Soap People and the
folks with the Spira4U , this little car, although it is technically a 3 wheeled motorcycle, 
It Looks like a tiny Car! They come in electric or Gas, and get really good milage:)

Oh and it is the only car that is completely recyclable! 
It was a long Day, but a fun Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Having the TV and internet make it feel like home

Even though it is not completely done, having my TV and Internet in the THOW make it feel more like a real Home.
I can watch TV from Bed, from downstairs, it just makes it a lot more comfortable. 

That's Morgan Freeman on the screen.

I'm really stressing out about getting it all done in the next 2 weeks. But I will continue to plug along and hope it all gets done. It is hard and time consuming. But there is a real sense of satisfaction in being able to say "I built it myself, with my own two hands"!

I am taking a break to help out at the Earth Day Celebration at Balboa Park with the  San Diego Tiny House Enthusiasts Meetup group! One of the largest at over 900 members!

(I didn't get it done by my 61st Birthday:( , But I am still moving forward!)

It's an Electric Day!

Finally! What is so special about this panel?
It is finished inside!!!
Last wiring done today! Soon I will be working on plumbing. So full speed ahead!
Always frustrating how many little things that can hang you up, but perseverance will get you through:)