Saturday, April 16, 2016

Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs

The signs are here!
Here is the first portion of a wall finished and shelf (where my c-pap sits) up!

You can see the shelf brackets which I can also hang things on, using the open curls.
 The purple box on the left is my charging station.

Cutting the signs is easy with a Dremel and some metal cut off wheels! A spray bottle with water helps keep the metal cool.

And just to prove the signs are NOT stolen, the stickers that prove I bought them from the City of Victorville when they had a store at the county fair selling off old signs.

Loft Floor is beautiful

The sleeping loft floor is stained to match the Black Cherry shelves and looks great!
So, the push is ON to get finished this month!
Once the walls are wired and plumbed, I add just a little bit more insulation.
This keeps there from being a direct connection from wood that also touches the outside. You can also see the metal trim around the windows.
The street signs that will be my interior walls go over all that.