Thursday, October 22, 2015

Safe and Sound!

Well, after returning from my volunteer work in Nevada to find I had been robbed of almost $1,000 worth of tools, supplies and some just oddball stuff, I realized I needed a security system for my THOW! 

But, how can I have a monitored system that isn't tied to a landline?
Found a system that works off cell service!  SimpliSafe is a new type of security system. So anywhere I might park my THOW, as long as there is cell service, I will be covered!
An added bonus is that I can install all the components myself! It is even cheaper to monitor per month than my regular system in my big house AND I can monitor it and turn it on or off from my cell phone!
So, here are my Co and Smoke detectors, protecting me while I sleep. Also working are the entry sensors, the motion detector, and the keypad. Not yet installed is the freeze alarm. That can wait until there is something inside that could be hurt by freezing. Keychain remote works well too.
I definitely feel safer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It is Licensed and Insured!

Wow! Never thought it would be so much trouble to get my THOW insured! 
Homeowners won't cover it, Auto won't cover it until it is licensed. Can't get it licensed until it is inspected...can't take it to be inspected because my driveway is washed out!

Finally found an inspector who would come to me:)
And voila! It is now Ready for the hazards of winter.
But....when I returned from vacation...I discovered I had been ROBBED!!!!
Table Saw, and other stuff worth just under $1,000. Not worth raising my insurance rates over. So I guess it's time to look at alarm systems.