Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tied Down !

Today there was a storm moving in. I know these houses are built to withstand 60 mph from the front..but these winds are coming in from the side.

So I thought it would be best to add a couple of tie downs until I'm ready to attach some real Mobile Home tie downs.
they are attached to the trees on 
one side and the shed and a 
fence post in concrete on the other side.
better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow I'm off to a Tiny house Enthusiasts Meet-up! 
Can't wait to hear what everyone else is doing with their projects :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Inside is just waiting!

Inside my house is nothing but possibilities!
As you can see there are 2 skylights, one in the sleeping loft and one in the greatroom.
A closer look at the sleeping loft.
But, now I am discovering all the tools I don't have! Going to have to hit Harbor freight tomorrow morning to pick up some to put together my table saw so I can cut the 2 X 4's to put under the corners so it stays stable for building and doesn't put stress on those leveling jacks.
Also going to go look for a front door!
It's all a new adventure!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The House is Here!!!

Amazing Day! My House is here. 
Today, my life changes forever.

It fit perfectly, exactly where I wanted 
to put it.  Doesn't get better than this!

The ramp works perfectly:)
Side View
Tongue View
View from the Street....very stealthy!
Now I need to do the temporary tie downs, until I can get real Mobile Home tie downs, since 65 mph winds are not uncommon here. from inside!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We have a Driveway!!

After 24 tons of dirt and two days of hard work (did I mention I'm doing this all with a broken rib? No Fun!) I have a new Driveway!

I also finished the path for the delivery truck to get back out so I am ready for delivery of my "Amish Barn Raiser" Thursday!

I am so excited!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's the Problem

Where my driveway should be is a large ditch!
So it's time for dirt delivery. Courtesy of Apple Valley Construction. 
24 tons of dirt, now filling the ditch right in front of my gate.
So, time for me to get to work smoothing it out and tamping it down!

Clearing the way

Now I had to start clearing the way for the truck that was bringing my house to me. (After all, it did need a way out after it dropped off my house)
Including taking a chainsaw to a number of stumps!

Now I just have to figure out how to get the truck and House to my yard.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why this Grandma wants to build her own Tiny House

You might never guess by looking at me. I'm a fairly ordinary looking, disabled almost 60 year old, who uses a mobility scooter, wears a leg brace and loves to read.
I have been a widow since my Daughter was 2 years old, 23 years now. That means I am quite accustomed to doing things myself.

My Daughter is married to a wonderful man, with three beautiful Daughters of her own.

She has no desire for my house when I am gone.

Last year I had to move my Mother from her duplex that she and my Father had occupied for 23 years, into a managed care one bedroom apartment. The job of sorting through, distributing and disposing of all of that "Stuff", convinced me that I never wanted my daughter to have to do the same!

I no longer need my 1,600 square foot house, or my two and one half acres of land. 

What could I do to rid myself of all of that, plus a lot of "Stuff" I really don't need, and at the same time rid myself of the $917.00 house payment?

So I started investigating the "Tiny House" Movement. I read everything I could get my hands on that was available on the internet. I knew very quickly that this was the perfect solution for me! A portable, paid for, home that I could take anywhere, live off the grid or on, and go where I choose! I could live where I could watch a meteor shower from my bed, or sleep, lulled by ocean waves, or hear the hush of pines in the wind. To be able to live "Green" was also a huge draw. Having grown up with and tried to live by the mantra of "Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without!" I yearned for a way to cut my carbon footprint, and do my bit to reduce conspicuous consumption. 

The next step was a workshop. 

Here I am at the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop in San Diego, CA.
You can read the ongoing story of this Tiny House at Tiny House Giant Journey.

So now it was just a matter of time and Money. I started looking for a one ton truck, that could not only haul all the stuff I needed for my house, but to also tow the house once it was finished!

I hope you will enjoy following along as I move forward toward my finished Tiny House. 

Deep Breath....Order the House.

So Now I had the truck....I needed to decide on THE House. A daunting process!

I really liked the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. and knew I wanted to build one of theirs, but I had lots of Questions! 

I knew I needed to have some of the heaviest work done for me, so I started looking at the Amish Barn Raisers. Those have the specially made trailer, the exterior walls, roof and lofts framed, and the vapor barrier on. 

But I had questions! Could I get one with a wheelchair ramp? Could I get one with a 6 foot porch (to have room to transport and tie down my scooters)? Could they install my two skylights for me?  All the questions were patiently answered, with resounding Yeses, by Steve Weissmann the Company President.

I decided on the 24 ft.  Elm , with Dormers in the sleeping loft and the modifications listed above. 

I ordered it to be delivered in late September, once I returned from Burning Man, and a visit to help a friend in Virginia. Which bring us up to now!

So I Laid out the footprint of the house......

Looking at where my house will sit while I finish building it!

Found THE Truck!

"Big Bertha" is ready to roll out!
Found the perfect truck for my house! Not to mention she will be great to haul the equipment out to Camp each August!

She's no spring chicken, a 1995 F350 Power Stroke Diesel. But I think she is just perfect!
A Crew Cab (room for my mobility scooter), and full size bed, it took me quite a lot of time on line and on the phone to find a shell that fit Her. Most places I talked to told me "You have a really big truck" and offered to make me one for $2,000 or more! So it was worth the 350 mile round trip to San Diego for the perfectly fitting shell at $600.

I had been prepared for a long, arduous search. A friend who is knowledgeable about these things went along on my initial excursion. First, I spoke to my Mechanic, Kelly, at Redline Automotive to see where to start.

He suggested Best Buy Auto Sales in Hesperia. Who he had worked for in the past. He said they were an honest company who had been here in town for many, many years.

As we were driving over, my friend was telling me how I would likely have to look at 30 or 40 trucks before I found the right one and not to get discouraged.

Well, believe it or not (my friend couldn't believe it!) She was the first one we looked at, and she was perfect, at least for me:)

It was just meant to be.