Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deep Breath....Order the House.

So Now I had the truck....I needed to decide on THE House. A daunting process!

I really liked the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. and knew I wanted to build one of theirs, but I had lots of Questions! 

I knew I needed to have some of the heaviest work done for me, so I started looking at the Amish Barn Raisers. Those have the specially made trailer, the exterior walls, roof and lofts framed, and the vapor barrier on. 

But I had questions! Could I get one with a wheelchair ramp? Could I get one with a 6 foot porch (to have room to transport and tie down my scooters)? Could they install my two skylights for me?  All the questions were patiently answered, with resounding Yeses, by Steve Weissmann the Company President.

I decided on the 24 ft.  Elm , with Dormers in the sleeping loft and the modifications listed above. 

I ordered it to be delivered in late September, once I returned from Burning Man, and a visit to help a friend in Virginia. Which bring us up to now!

So I Laid out the footprint of the house......

Looking at where my house will sit while I finish building it!

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