Sunday, September 21, 2014

Found THE Truck!

"Big Bertha" is ready to roll out!
Found the perfect truck for my house! Not to mention she will be great to haul the equipment out to Camp each August!

She's no spring chicken, a 1995 F350 Power Stroke Diesel. But I think she is just perfect!
A Crew Cab (room for my mobility scooter), and full size bed, it took me quite a lot of time on line and on the phone to find a shell that fit Her. Most places I talked to told me "You have a really big truck" and offered to make me one for $2,000 or more! So it was worth the 350 mile round trip to San Diego for the perfectly fitting shell at $600.

I had been prepared for a long, arduous search. A friend who is knowledgeable about these things went along on my initial excursion. First, I spoke to my Mechanic, Kelly, at Redline Automotive to see where to start.

He suggested Best Buy Auto Sales in Hesperia. Who he had worked for in the past. He said they were an honest company who had been here in town for many, many years.

As we were driving over, my friend was telling me how I would likely have to look at 30 or 40 trucks before I found the right one and not to get discouraged.

Well, believe it or not (my friend couldn't believe it!) She was the first one we looked at, and she was perfect, at least for me:)

It was just meant to be.

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