Thursday, October 9, 2014


So, I finally got my shingles, bought from the Apple Valley Home Depot (Thanks Pro Desk!) delivered direct from the manufacturer! 
They are the made to reflect sunlight,             Timberline COOL series 
They are an ENERGY STAR qualified roofing, and are said to save 7 to 15% in cooling costs depending on where you live and the season.
You might also be able to get tax credits or rebates. It's worth looking into. Also rated for 130 mph winds!
I was given (I love free stuff!) a bunch of insulation. I think it's probably enough to do the entire house, but if not, the guy has more!

So now it's off to Harbor Freight to get a tarp (I have a coupon:)
so that it stays good until I'm ready for it!
This weekend is to be devoted to the roof.

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