Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Tiny House is Safe from high winds!

Today Tod and his son from Randall Manufactured Homes came out to install my mobile home tiedowns.
This was their first ever Tiny House! So first task was figuring out where to put them!
Once that was decided The augers came out!

Long augers that are slowly turned into the ground. With a very heavy motor, attached rails are to lean on for even more weight 
if needed!

The finished product! One in each corner, not cheap, but with the high winds common here, it is well worth it!
Now Tod was so impressed with my tiny house, he mentioned they have just purchased a mobile home park in Boron, CA, and in about 2 months will be happy to welcome Tiny Houses! Space rent should be around $200 to $220 per month. So if you don't have to be close to a major metro area for work, and are looking for somewhere to park your tiny home..this could be a great place!
You can contact Tod and Alison at (661)855-4567 or (760)373-8277 Just tell them Grandma's Tiny House sent you!

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