Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My Tiny House has it's first two windows!
Weather, injuries and lack of another person have slowed my build, was the perfect day, with help and it all worked!
Here's what we started out with, After some trial and error we now have this!
It is looking like more of a real house!
2 in, 11 more to go!
Now I can look out and see more of my yard and driveway through these 2 windows.
Now I guess it is time to stop sleeping naked:)
Glad to be back moving forward!

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  1. Amazing! I imagine I am close to your age and I can't imagine building a Tiny House! Good for you! It looks wonderful! We downsized a few years back when my husband became disabled. We went from 2700 sq. ft. to 745 sq. ft. We are content (mostly!). :-)