Monday, December 8, 2014

A Female-centric toilet.

While I wait to be able to find help to put my siding up, I have finished my decidedly female oriented composting toilet!
 After researching urine diverters and 2 bucket systems, I decided I wanted to find an easier way for a female. Since I will be living alone, I only need to satisfy my needs.
 So I discovered a small device marketed to women for camping and "equality" (Being able to stand up and pee) which I thought was hilarious! That was sold by many different manufacturers, really cheap , some under $2!
I ordered a couple, bought some tubing, grabbed a water bottle and gave it a shot.
 The other part of making the system work well is a spray bottle, filled with just water to rinse out the tubing after each use.
I know a lot of folks are kinda "iffy" about a composting toilet. Well, I live in Southern California and we are in the middle of a severe drought! Any water I can save can help keep us supplied with enough drinking water to survive. Why would I want to foul 2 to 3 gallons of perfectly good drinking water, then throw it away? Also, urine is a natural nitrogen fertilizer that is less likely to run off into streams and eventually rivers , lakes and oceans where chemical nitrogen fertilizers cause deadly algae blooms. 

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