Thursday, December 24, 2015


Light! How important is light? Everything we do requires Light, either natural or artificial. How we get that light can effect our mood and our health.

Downsizing and living healthy, sustainably, also means doing what I can to keep me healthy. How does Light fit in there?
Well, Meet ilumi.
I found ilumi on a crowd funding site months ago. It is a smart led bulb, with many features, that connects to your smart phone by bluetooth. 
What attracted me was the "circadian" feature. It sets the color of the light based on time of day, so that the light doesn't interfere with your bodies circadian rhythms. A bonus is that I never have to enter a dark house!
I can turn my one lamp (only one needed in my THOW) from my car, from the front gate or, for now, from the front door of my Big House! You can see the Christmas lights on the "Big House" reflected in the camera lense, that tells you how close they are at the moment. 

You can get your own ilumi bulb now at Best Buy!

A Merry Christmas to All and to All a good Night, Tiny Style:)

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