Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fridge and Freezer!

I knew I wanted a chest freezer and a chest refrigerator. It is so much more efficient to not lose all your cold air every time you open the door! So I had been watching prices and looking at them. I decided the "convertible"  style at close to $900, were not an option for me! 
I wanted an Igloo, or Kenmore 5.1 cubic ft. freezers , two of them, that I could convert one, to a refrigerator.

They went on sale! I saved about $200, buying them now.
Converted one, by trading out the thermostat.
Here is the one that is now a fridge. The original dial is just decorative now, the digital numbers are the real thing.
The Freezer and Fridge are identical inside...
Except for the temperature! So now I am looking for wire bins to put food in to make accessing it easier. 
So when these go into the THOW, I can put them opposite each other and balance the weight evenly.
I found inexpensive cutting boards to cover each lid so they become usable counter space as well.
Next project.....closet!

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