Monday, July 20, 2015

California Has Four Seasons...

But, those seasons are Spring, Summer, 
Fire, and Flood!
This time, those last two were only a 
day apart!
This was the Fire..Started a few miles from my house. Lucky for me it burned away from my location! Not so lucky for those whose cars burned up on the freeway!
Then comes Flood!
My that the berm has been breached!

Below is where my driveway used to be around the middle of the completely gone.

It was a very telling experience. Back in 1998, an El Nino year, we had the Fire dept. helping sandbag, every neighbor within a mile or so helping, and pretty much everyone who drove by offered to help. This time...I was up to my knees in very fast moving water, doing everything I could to try to divert it from my house and my Tiny House. None of the 40 or so cars who drove by offered to help. Two groups of teen-aged boys walked by and laughed. Two kids that lived across the street came to help. They were the only neighbors who offered help. The Fire Department won't come out unless you have water inside the house. My Daughter drove over from the neighboring town. 
So Sad how things have changed.

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