Wednesday, May 27, 2015


After feeling like I have been stalled in limbo. Having done most of what could be done by one person and needing to be doing the 2 man stuff before I can move forward. Finally I have an extra set of hands for a few days. My Darling Daughter is helping me out for a few mornings and we are moving at top speed. 
First, another window in!
Then All the downstairs remaining windows cut out and one upstairs window cut out!
There's actually another window cut out under the siding that just went up. The other side is getting Tyveked.
You can see the cut out windows from inside too.
That open window in the loft is the upstairs one on the back wall.
And finally , the two side windows from inside. Now, once the siding is up, painting those next two walls , then install those three windows and it's on to the upper story stuff!
Can't wait!

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