Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One step forward..one step back

The new year has blasted in with cold temps and way too much rain! So we are flooding again.

The Water starts pouring in..
My Neighbor helps me cut a channel so it flows on the other side toward the street, not toward the house. But that wasn't enough, it started overflowing and threatening the house side! So I called my Daughter who came straight from Church..
I promised her I would mention that these are NOT her clothes. We had to pull them from my disaster kit in my car because she still had her church clothes on.
Between the two of us (mostly her) we got the water going in the right direction and here is the end result.
It is amazing how much dirt fast moving water can take with it!
But on the plus side, I got my new Tuft & Needle Mattress! Pictures in the next installment:)

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